Discovery Center of Idaho

Located in Myrtle Street in Boise, the Discovery Center of Idaho has the ability to capture the imagination of your child thanks to the absolute emphasis on using a hands-on approach when it comes to different aspects of science. Their aim is to simply remove that idea that science and education is boring, and it is something that they do indeed excel at.

Discovery Center of Idaho

Getting Hands-On

They believe that the best way for a child to learn is to be involved in the process, and with over 150 different exhibits to check out, that does mean that there is a significant amount of possibilities that are worth exploring.

Encompassing not only science but also the fields of engineering, math and technology, they have sought to cover all of the key basis that will then lead to each individual feeling as if they were able to learn something new each and every time they visit. However, this is not like school which means your kids will love checking out everything that the center has to offer.

Collections and Exhibitions

The Discovery Center of Idaho has both a permanent collection as well as various exhibitions that change throughout the year. Furthermore, you are also able to rent part of the building for birthday parties and celebrations, which is certainly a completely different style of birthday party to which you are going to be used to.

The classic exhibits have been around since the opening of the center and they have undoubtedly brought a lot of joy and fun to the thousands of people that have walked through the doors since its inception. You simply do not know what awaits you around the next corner aside from more fun things to explore.

The Discovery Center of Idaho is a wonderful way to spend a number of hours for all of the family. The exhibits are interesting and the interactive aspect makes such a difference when it comes to learning new and exciting things. Hosted in a stunning building with lots of space, there is just no way that anybody could ever be bored during a visit to the center making it the ideal location to take your kids on a rainy day.

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