Picture Window Replacement Boise

Picture Windows

Beautiful, open views for any room. This is what you get with a picture window. With a thin frame and large viewing area, picture windows are ideal for living spaces such as the living room, family room, or dining room.

What is a Picture Window?

A picture window is a large, thinly-framed window that takes up a large space on the wall, and opens up the room for more light and aesthetic. The window has no opening mechanism, so it is not ideal for ventilation, but often times a picture window is combined in a set with other windows such as casement windows to create a large, beautiful window space that can also ventilate the room.

In most environments, picture windows are single pane, but in colder environments you may get double or even triple pane widows to help with insulation. Because there is no opening mechanism, picture windows are very energy-efficient for any home.

Picture windows are mostly an aesthetic choice for a room, as the thin frame and large viewing area are able to let light into the room almost better than any other type of window. They are also available in many different kinds of colors and styles, making it very easy to match the aesthetic of your home.

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