Custom Window Replacements Boise

Custom Windows

Add that extra bit of elegance to your home with a set of custom windows. These windows are unique to your home, and are made to match the color and style of your home perfectly.

What is a Custom Window?

A custom window is essentially any window that isn’t part of a standard window design. While every window that is made is custom to your home, custom windows specifically refers to unique shapes, styles, or sizes that are made to match the exact specifications of your home. This is because stock windows may not match the aesthetic of a home, so custom windows might be required for a more targeted aesthetic.

Installation for custom windows is fairly simple, and the design options are nearly limitless. If you can dream up a window shape, a custom window can be made to match that dream. Because custom windows are generally a unique shape, sashes and panes are not usually taken into consideration. This makes custom windows just as energy-efficient as any other window you might install.

Custom windows always come at the highest quality, as they will be constructed exactly to meet the needs of your home.

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