French Patio Doors

Classy appearance with everyday functionality. French doors are a terrific choice for any home looking for the perfect combination of style and efficiency.

Why chose a French Door?

French doors are entry/exit doors that provide great lighting into the home while also having a classic yet modern appearance. Because french doors come in many different styles, it’s extremely easy to match the architecture and style of your home to a brand new french door.

There are many different kinds of builds for french patio doors as well. The most common are standard french doors, which are hinged at one side and open inwards. Double french doors are also fairly common, allowing for maximum entry and exit area and light into the home. You can also have french doors that are sliding for easy entry and exit.

In this way, “french” refers more to the style of the door than anything else, since french doors come in many different configurations. They are the perfect choice for any home that wants to maintain an elegant and classy look in a way that is also functional for everyday use.

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