Bay Window Replacement Boise

Bay & Bow Windows

Expansive light and beautiful views, bay windows are the perfect choice for making a room feel bigger and brighter. Bay or bow windows maximize space and increase curb appeal.

What are Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay/bow windows – also known as projection windows – are comprised of three or more sides. The main window is parallel to the wall and provides beautiful viewing of the outdoors, while the otherĀ  sides are angled back towards the adjoining wall. These windows project outwards from the room, adding space and unmatched viewing of the outdoors.

Bay windows are comprised of three total windows, while bow windows might have four or even five total windows creating a gentle projection from the room.

Bay and bow windows are ideal for living rooms, family rooms, and dining rooms, where aesthetic and space are extremely important. The window can act as an extra shelf for decorative purposes as well, making it perfect compliment to any living space.

Bay and bow windows are very eco-friendly and energy-efficient, as there is no opening for cold air to creep into the home. Because these windows don’t open, you’ll want to consider having other windows in the room with good ventilation to keep airflow in the room with bay or bow windows.

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