Specialty Shaped Window Replacement Boise

Specialty Windows

Circular, triangular, or otherwise, specialty-shaped windows can add elegance and style to any home. Specialty windows make any house a home by adding character and uniqueness to the curb appeal.

What is a Specialty Window?

A specialty window can cover basically any window shape that isn’t standard. This includes arch windows, circular or semi-circular windows, triangular, or many other shapes. Specialty windows generally don’t have sashes or different pane configurations because of the custom nature of the shape, so opening and closing the window is rarely a concern. This makes specialty windows just as energy efficient as any other window you might add to your home.

The purpose of a specialty window is mainly to enhance the architectural beauty of a home. Many times, you will find specialty windows on custom home builds or extremely high-end homes where the window shape needs to match a specific architecture. Specialty windows can be joined together with each other or other standard windows to form extravagant and beautiful shapes.

Specialty windows come in hundreds of different styles and sizes to match your home, whether you need to match the color or the architecture of the home.

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