Casement Window Replacement Boise

Casement Windows

If you want large, wide-open views combined with optimal air flow, casement windows are the best of both worlds. They are both beautiful and energy-efficient.

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is the type of window that opens similar to how a door might open. The window is hinged on one side, and opens to the right or left depending on which side the hinge is one. Generally, casement windows are larger windows that provide a great view of the outdoors and can open wide to let in air from the outside.

Casement windows are very energy efficient, and rarely have gap or leaks. One of the drawbacks of a casement window is that because they open like a door, the wall near the window should remain free of furniture or other objects that might obstruct the ability to open the window.

Every casement window is equipped with a a locking mechanism from the inside which makes it difficult to open from the outside, providing security for your home and family. Most windows have a crank-style opening mechanism that allows you to open the window to any width – which is great for letting just a small amount of air in, or opening it wide for the full outside experience.

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