New Sliding Doors Boise

Sliding Patio Doors

Modern and sleek, sliding doors have a narrow frame and are supremely easy to open and close. Sliding glass patio doors are perfect for any contemporary home.

Why chose a Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding doors usually consist of two large panes of glass which slide on a track to make opening and closing the door extremely easy. The doors can be opened all of the way, or only part of the way to allow for plenty of airflow into the home without sacrificing aesthetic. Many sliding patio doors can be paired with a screen door on the track for extra protection against bugs and other airborne objects.

Generally speaking, sliding glass doors are energy-efficient. The doors are lined with premium weatherstripping that seals the frame and bottom of the door in order to keep cold air out, and the doors themselves are equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps the drafts out. Because of this, it is important to regularly inspect and maintain your weatherstripping to keep your sliding patio door energy-efficient through the years.

Sliding doors are made from only the highest quality materials on the market, and provide for a large, clear view of the outside while providing everyday usability.

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