Idaho Military Museum

The Idaho Military Museum is located next to Gowan Field in Boise and is open to the public from Tuesday through to Saturday. Opened in 1995, it has the aim of telling the story of the military with the main focus being on the people of Idaho and the roles that they have played within the different arms that make up the United States military machine.

Idaho Military Museum

Exploring the Exhibits

The exhibits within the museum are rather varied and cover decades of military weaponry that has seen the horrors of warfare. From World War II right up to the wars in Iraq, the exhibits tell you all that you need to know about the power that they possess and how they were used in battle. Furthermore, there is also an outdoors compound where you will be able to check out an array of armoured vehicles allowing you to get a real feel of what it is like to be up close and personal to one of them and the impact that they would have on the battlefield.

Education and Visiting

Even though the Idaho Military Museum is run by volunteers, the amount of information that they have about the exhibits is astounding. Various tours are on offer, and it is recommended that you take one in order to get the full experience of what the museum has to offer. There is also the possibility of schools being able to visit the museum, but that does require some advanced notice to allow for the correct arrangements to be made for the visit.

In order to enter the museum, you have to do so via a private entrance from Harvard Street. Also, they do hope that you provide them with a donation as they are a fully fledged charity and will always seek to put that money towards looking after the museum and making sure that it remains open for the people of Idaho as well as hose from further afield.

The Idaho Military Museum is well worth a visit in Boise even if it is just to educate yourself on the kind of equipment that is used by the military even up to the modern day. With a wide range of objects to explore, you will certainly walk away with a newly found understanding of the military and warfare.

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