Boise National Forest

Covering over 2.5 million acres and located to the northeast of Boise, the Boise National Forest has a wealth of things to do and areas to explore no matter how intrepid you may be as an individual. With something on offer for pretty much everyone, as well as the ability to truly get out into nature, a visit to this forest will always be capable of providing something new no matter how many times you visit.

Boise National Forest

Trails and Lakes

In order to really stress the vastness of the forest, it should be pointed out that there are over 500 different trails to choose from as well as over 250 different lakes and reservoirs that are also worth exploring. Those trails are perfect for individuals that enjoy hiking, mountain biking or camping in different locations while the lakes open themselves up to a number of water-based activities that you can participate in while surrounded by stunning scenery.

Furthermore, you may feel yourself being drawn to checking out the North Fork Payette River Canyon at a depth of 2,800 feet or venture upwards to the peak of Trinity Mountain which sits just under the 10,000 feet mark.

Nature and the Geology

With a wide range of geological features spread across the forest mixed in with a vast number of species of plants and trees, the Boise National Forest is a wonderful place to explore if you love being surrounded by everything that nature can offer you. With three major river systems running through the forest, and close to 30 different species of fish also being found, even just checking out what is in the water is an experience all in its own.

The forest itself is predominately an evergreen consisting of firs, pine and spruce. If you are lucky during your visit, then you may even stumble across one of the many species of big game that have made the forest their home. Including elk and deer, as well as a multitude of species of birds and other wildlife there is always something to spot no matter where you are.

A visit to the Boise National Forest is just an amazing thing to do in order to get away from the rat race. The fact that it is so close to Boise is just an added bonus, so check it out and see what you have been missing out on right on your doorstep.

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