Boise Trolley Tours

The best thing about Boise Trolley Tours is the way in which it can open your eyes up to things that you have never even noticed before, and the fact that you can check it all out from a pretty unique viewpoint just makes everything so much better. With a number of different tours being made available throughout the year, where the focus is on different aspects of Boise, there should be something suitable for everyone and no matter what your own individual interests may be.

Boise Trolley Tours

The Miss Molly Trolley

Your vehicle for your tour is known as the Miss Molly Trolley, a vintage open-air trolley that just gives you a completely different perspective as you tour around the city. With running commentary teaching you all about the various things that you can see before you, this is a tour with a difference, and one that is crammed full of character from start to finish. Furthermore, with a number of specialist tours at various times, don’t think that each and every tour will be the same because you would be wrong.

The Range of Tours

By taking you on a tour of Boise, you will learn about not only the history of the city but also the culture that has shaped and defined it into the city it is today. The tours take just a little over an hour, but during that time you will be swamped with information and facts that will just provide you with a completely different insight into what Boise is all about.

Of course, you then have more specialized tours throughout the year with a particular emphasis on the Halloween haunted tour which is always proving to be extremely popular. After all, who doesn’t want to learn about the scarier and spookier side to a city and all of the tales that come with it?

Boise Trolley Tours is certainly an alternative way to check out what the city of Boise has to offer, and it is undoubtedly a wonderful way to see and learn about those things that you have never encountered before. Suitable for people of all ages, it will provide you with a glimpse into what to do next in the city allowing you to go off on your own after it to check out things that stood out for you during the tour.

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