Boise Art Museum

The origins of the Boise Art Museum goes back decades with it even pre-dating the opening of the Boise Gallery of Art building in 1937. Since then, the building has been expanded on a number of occasions thanks to the generosity of the people of Boise as well as the overwhelming desire to showcase the best art possible in a building that is befitting of its artifacts.

Boise Art Museum

An International Collection

The Boise Art Museum has been host to a number of internationally important works of art at various stages since its incorporation in the 1930’s. This includes the likes of work by Rodin, Picasso, work from China and Japan, local Illinois based artists as well as influences from across the classical world.

Furthermore, the art museum also plays host to art that covers various aspects from traditional through to the very modern, which ultimately means that there is literally something for everyone no matter the individual tastes.

Changing Exhibitions and Education

One of the keys for the art museum is the space that is available to them which ultimately means that there is the ability to change exhibitions throughout the year. With different exhibitions having a key theme attributed to it, they often encompass aspects of art that you may not have previously contemplated. Due to the way in which they change, it will always be advisable to check in advance what is currently showing.

In addition, the Boise Art Museum also offers a series of programs for schools as well as educational programs for individuals both young and old. The ability to teach people more about the art that they see before them is a basic premise for the museum and educating people has been a core principle since the earliest days of the museum.

Taking your time to explore everything that the Boise Art Museum has to offer is going to be essential, so be prepared to spend several hours there in order to fully appreciate the artwork that you see before you. Take advantage of the interactive nature of some exhibits and also seek to simply further your own knowledge of art even if you are new to checking out everything that a gallery has to offer.

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